Puppy Pics and Savings Tips

Like saving money? Love cute puppies? Well, you’re in luck for the next 120 seconds of your life!

It’s time to power-up your interweb skills to get the discounts rolling in. Check out Piggy, a Google Chrome extension for automatic coupons (and cash back) at thousands of stores that you probably already shop at.

Now, are you ready to see something “awwwwww”some? Let the cuteness begin!

1. The City of Adoptable Angels

No-Kill Los Angeles is on a mission to save the life of every pet in the city, and you can be part of it. We swiped right on a few of the current cuties.

Meet: Canello <left> and Einstien <right>

2. Number 1 in the Second City

Chicago winters can be cold, but this will warm you right up. PAWS Chicago had a spectacular 98.41 percent save rate in 2016. Want to help them hit 100 this year, you can donate, adopt, or foster. Get your paws in the air, and give these pups a high four.

Meet Wren <left> and Traveler <right>

3. The Big Apple of Your Eye

They say that New York City is the place to be if you want to stay up all night. One thing is certain — there will be no sleep ’til Brooklyn’s Sean Casey Animal Rescue finds a homes for these hounds with a huge hearts. If puppies aren’t really your thing, Sean Casey will help you have to save the life of a dove, a hamster or a snake named YOLO.

Meet Buster <left> and Cupcake <right>

The Moral of the Story

The internet is not just about kittens. It’s about puppies too…and saving money.