EasyXplore Main Features

Unveiling the powerful features of the EasyXplore application for Windows

Diego Rojas
Jul 4, 2019 · 3 min read

The application’s first version has everything a user needs to have a seamless search engine experience. EasyXplore sits directly on a users’ desktop, features a fully functional web search application, as well as a minimalist design.

For the first version of our application we focused on designing and building a core feature set that allows the user to explore the web from their desktop as easily as possible — without disrupting the natural workflow. Here is an overview of what is included in the first version of the application.

Strong under the hood engine

The EasyXplore application was built using modern coding tools and application frameworks. Our application was built using similar technologies used by millions of users on leading applications like Slack, Atom, Discord, Shopify, WhatsApp, Skype, and many more.

Always on top

The EasyXplore application keeps it position on top of the screen and doesn’t allow other apps to cover it, allowing the user to immediately search and browse the web, without the hassle of opening an additional web browser.


A minimalist and powerful autocomplete tool to find most common matches for your search.

Multiple tabs

Easily open new tabs and add an infinite number of tabs to keep all your search results available on demand.

Close Tabs

No need for all your open tabs? No problem. With one simple click, users can close all open tabs.

Hide/Show content

The most important button of the application is the “Hide” and “Show” button. These buttons allow the user to collapse all active windows into the application that sits at the top of their desktop screen, and then open the content when needed with the simple click of a button.


When the application is in its collapsed state, the open tabs will only be shown if the user hovers over the app. In order to save space, the application will automatically collapse and hide the tabs bar.

Frame vector created by pikisuperstar — www.freepik.com

What’s coming up?

There are a bunch of features we think will make EasyXplore application more robust and powerful for users. Here is a list of features we are planning to release in future versions. The order does not represent the importance or priority of the tasks.

  • Theme selection ad colors.
  • Bookmarks and history tools.
  • Custom buttons and shortcuts.

Your feedback is appreciated and will influence the priority of the release of the features. Be a part of our journey and email us at info@EasyXplore.com with your suggestions and thoughts about the future feature roadmap.

Please follow this link to get more information and to download the EasyXplore application for Windows.


seamlessly search the web from your desktop

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