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EasyXplore Minimalistic Design

How to make a Search Application that blend into your Desktop work environment

Our main goal was to make the EasyXplore application fresh and modern by using the Windows design principles. The app applies the geometrical forms of the native Windows environment where the application resides.

We wanted to design a desktop tool that would feel as if it were a part of the Windows Desktop environment naturally.

Each pixel of the desktop is a valuable real estate and should be utilized carefully.

This principle guided our design process. We minimized as much as possible the screen real estate that EasyXplore gets from the user’s desktop. While ensuring at the same time that the place for the search tool was convenient.

Minimalist design

No unnecessary features, icons, links were added to the application bar. Presenting the user with a product that had the minimum number of icons and buttons needed to achieve it;s core functionality and user experience.

Auto Hide

The application can be minimized effortlessly hiding the web-view window with the click of a button.

Additionally, when the bar is in it’s collapsed mode the tabs row automatically disappear ensuring that the application is at is minimum size when not in active use.

Please follow this link to get more information and to download the EasyXplore application for Windows.

We appreciate your feedback. Let us know if you like the product, want more features, need to report a bug, or issue a complaint, by emailing us at info@easyxplore.com .




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