#OnTheMenu: A Culinary Tour of Italy

We encourage our food-lovers to learn something new about self everyday. One way Eat In Chef can help is by allowing you to experience the world in your kitchen. This week’s featured dishes will take you on a culinary tour of Italy for way less money than a plane ticket! Chef Eli is serving up a spicy twist on spaghetti carbonara, Chef Jeanelle is cooking a classic plate of spaghetti & turkey meatballs, and Chef Elena is making chicken parmesan, caesar salad, and homemade garlic-rosemary focaccia.

In case you were wondering, our chefs can take your taste buds to places like Greece, China, and China, too! Our new search page makes it even easier to find the perfect chef to prepare your favorite cuisine. What are you waiting for? Book your chef today!

Chef Eli: Spaghetti Carbonara ($50)

Chef Eli’s spaghetti carbonara.

Fresh spinach w/ fresh peas & goat cheese: Fresh baby spinach w/ fresh spring peas & honey goat cheese; lemon & olive oil dressing.

Spaghetti carbonara: Spaghetti w/ spring peas & red pepper flakes in carbonara sauce (caramelized bacon & onion w/ egg yolk and Pecorino Romano).

Chef Jeanelle: Spaghetti & Turkey Meatballs ($25)

Chef Jeanelle’s spaghetti & turkey meatballs.

Spaghetti w/ parmesan turkey meatballs in hearty tomato-basil sauce; served with homemade Italian bread.

Chef Elena: Chicken Parmesan & Caesar Salad ($40)

Chef Elena’s caesar salad.

Chicken parmesan, breaded w/ panko, topped w/ fresh mozzarella & fresh tomato sauce; served w/ classic caesar salad & homemade garlic rosemary focaccia.

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