Intolerances and allergies in catering menus

Ritesh Nigam
Sep 17 · 3 min read

There are currently many types of food allergies and/or intolerances that can put people’s health at risk. It is very important that, when booking a catering service, you take into account this issue to hire a company that ensures an adequate menu and guarantees each guest who needs it.

The first thing to do is to ask guests to report any allergies or intolerances at the time of confirming attendance at the event and, if on your guest list there is someone who needs a special menu you should pay close attention to the hiring of food and make sure that the catering company is competent in these matters.

There are a number of details that should not be overlooked and which should be guaranteed:

● The company must be familiar with the preparation of allergen-free menus. Choosing a caterer experienced in meeting the needs of these diners should be the priority.

● The “special” menu should be similar. There are currently a multitude of products on the market that will make it possible for the guest to have a visual and gustatory perception similar to that of other diners. People with specific food needs should not feel different, which is why offering dishes with as much equality as possible to the rest, will make the guest feel that they have been taken into account in a positive way.

● Quality in all foods. In most specialized establishments you can find high quality products made with ingredients that ensure they are free of allergens and with which to prepare haute cuisine dishes.

● The handling of these foods must be extremely careful and the company must be transparent and guarantee that there will not be any type of contamination that endangers the diner.

Once the catering company has been chosen, it will propose different types of services, some of which will improve the satisfaction of all diners without making marked distinctions:

● Start with a starter in which small dishes are prepared that encompass all tastes and possible allergies. For example, setting a table with appetizers based on vegetables will guarantee that allergy sufferers to animal proteins as well as vegetarian or vegan people will feel like protagonists. Dishes that have not used flour with gluten, canapés, mini sandwiches, empanadillas … gluten-free or fruit skewers will delight guests with special food needs without these foods being specially labeled for them.

● Continue with a main dish previously chosen by the diner, with a possibility of between 2 or 3 options that include meat, fish and vegan option, made with sauces free of protein, nuts or other ingredients likely to generate allergy.

● Finish with a dessert that has an alternative for allergy sufferers.

● It should not be forgotten that milk and drinks free of animal protein and lactose should be provided at coffee time so that diners can choose.

If you want to enjoy the party, the event, the congress, the wedding… that you have organized, with the guarantee that everything will be perfect, you must look for a catering service that offers you confidence, quality, safety and above all professionalism.

Especially in the menu, with quality products, made by professionals who know the protocols for handling in case of allergies. This is the only way to ensure that everyone can enjoy their meal to the fullest and without incidents.


Food allergies, food intolerances and lifestyle diet choices simplified by EatBot.

Ritesh Nigam

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Chief storyteller, founder of Eat.Bot. Published Author of six-word stories with interests in all things technical and food.



Food allergies, food intolerances and lifestyle diet choices simplified by EatBot.

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