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Voted as NC’s #1 food truck; spotted in Mebane near Tanger Outlet Mall

Xine Way
Xine Way
Jun 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Arepas! Some of my fave food, as you can tell from my choices at Guasaca.

After a few hours of spending money (boy does it feel great to spend money 😆) on various things I didn’t really need, we decided to get a few arepas as a snack.

Though there was a slight miscommunication, so when I ordered our food, it was more like a mini-meal. Oops.

I ordered four of them for the fam:

  • La tica
  • La capresa
  • Meat lover’s
  • Veggie lover’s

My mom had La Tica, dad had the Veggie Lover’s, Tiffy had La Capresa, and I had Meat Lover’s.

So delicious.

You could add your own hot sauce, too. They had two varieties: spicy (red) and cilantro (green). Both added new dimensions of flavor to the arepas.

The meat was on the dry side, but the juiciness of the hot sauce and whatever else they put in there made it so much better.

My dad, who rarely approves of food truck food, said that while it was still on the pricey side, the food was top-notch.

I’d have to agree with him. It’s some of the best food truck food I’ve had. So maybe its claims as the “Best Food Truck” in NC has some truth to it.

Either way: if you see this food truck, definitely give it a try.

It’ll be way better than foodtrucks like Chirba Chirba or American Meltdown. 😅

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Notes from a foodie

Xine Way

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Eater's Digest

Notes from a foodie

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