EatLove Team Showcase: Meet Andrew Moenk

This story is part of the EatLove Team Showcase series. Read along to learn about our outstanding members and see what drew them to EatLove.

In three sentences, here’s some background about myself:

I am an entrepreneur and engineer specializing in enterprise scale web application architecture.

I come from Georgia, but being from the metropolitan Atlanta area without an obvious southern accent, can sometimes be mistaken for a northerner. In my free time, you will find me tending my lush, indoor garden, tinkering with electronics, or gazing at the sky, as often as I can through my 8” telescope.

Here’s what I do for my job at EatLove:

  • Lead Software Architect
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Technical Yahoo
  • Wizard behind the curtain

My favorite thing about working for EatLove is…

My favorite thing to occupy my time is building complex and technical products that people find useful. EatLove lets me do that and helps people get healthy through food at the same time. Lastly, working at EatLove has significantly improved my own cooking skill. I love being in the kitchen and creating delicious and nutritious food!

Why does food matter?

Personal nutrition matters a lot because without having good nutrition, our bodies can’t operate anywhere near peak performance. Additionally, food waste is a huge issue we can help solve, which also helps with environmental sustainability.

I believe in EatLove’s commitment to health through food because…

I believe that technology’s primary purpose is to enhance and improve people’s lives. Food and nutrition is a fundamentally complicated subject, for which there are too many preferences, options, complexities, exceptions to the rules, opinions, biases and choices. It’s extremely confusing and half of the information available is wrong, misguided, incomplete or just trying to sell you something. EatLove is the application of nutrition science that cuts through all that to provide exactly what you need, fitting to your preferences, and doing all the hard math work for you.

My favorite recipes on EatLove are…

Grilled Lemon Basil Tofu

Soy Sesame Asparagus Rice Bowl

In my free time, you will catch me…

Making, gardening, flying, learning. I love to build and make things, I love nurturing things that grow, I enjoy flying airplanes, and exercising my mind by learning a new skill or concept. I also love astronomy and space flight. One day I hope to visit Mars (for business or sightseeing trip, but not to stay) or Saturn.