EatLove Team Showcase: Meet Carolyn Hsieh

This story is part of the EatLove Team Showcase series. Read along to learn about our outstanding members and see what drew them to EatLove.

In three sentences, here’s some background about myself:

I am a Bay Area native and current dietetic intern at UCSF on my way to becoming a registered dietitian. Making food has always been a central part of my life, from growing up wrapping dumplings with my mom to first learning how to cook for myself as a college student. I like to spend my free time trying new recipes and am usually surrounded by food, plants, books or a combination of the three.

Here’s what I do for my job at EatLove:

  • Cook and test recipes from EatLove’s partners and dietitians
  • Style and photograph meals to input onto the recipe database
  • Assess the nutrition content of recipes and make healthy adjustments if needed
  • Develop new, healthy recipes for special projects

My favorite thing about working for EatLove is…

Having a space where I can both push my creative boundaries and grow as a nutrition professional — also, learning to cook all kinds of tasty dishes!

Why does food matter?

We all need to eat. The food we put into our bellies can really set the foundation for good health. When we eat better, we feel better, think better, and perform better.

Beyond that, I believe that food is an integral part of our identities. The food we each choose to eat is a unique reflection of our own culture and upbringing. Through food, we can preserve traditions, tell stories, build community, and connect with our families and loved ones.

I believe in EatLove’s commitment to health through food because…

We empower people to reconnect with their food and prioritize healthy eating in their busy lives. I love EatLove’s recipes and personalization because it allows people to discover what approach to healthy eating works best for them.

Here are some of my favorite food photos…

Here are some of my favorite non-food photos…

Get in touch:

Instagram: @hsiehhsieh