EatLove Team Showcase: Meet Colleen Lem

This story is part of the EatLove Team Showcase series. Read along to learn about our outstanding members and see what drew them to EatLove.

In three sentences, here’s some background about myself:

Born and raised in San Francisco, I quickly fell in love with everything about food — the ingredients, how it was made, and their origin story from the city’s melting pot of different cultures. I recently finished my dietetic internship in Los Angeles this past summer and moved back to my hometown, where I am currently studying to receive my license as a Registered Dietitian. Other than my love for food and photography, music and Disney are two of my other passions.

Here’s what I do for my job at EatLove:

  • Develop healthy recipes specific to each special disease state
  • Modify recipes, if needed, to ensure each recipe is rich with the essential nutrients
  • Ingest recipes into the EatLove website
  • Cook and test developed recipes or those created by EatLove’s team
  • Style and photograph recipes to be uploaded to the EatLove recipe database

My favorite thing about working for EatLove is…

Being able to develop and grow my abilities as a photographer and to apply it through my passion for food in a field I love!

Why does food matter?

Food is what gives us with energy. It provides us with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for the body to perform well. The better we eat, the better we feel and the better we can accomplish daily tasks and work hard to achieve our goals.

Food also plays such a crucial role in each and every culture, where many traditions and stories stem from a different kind or aspect of food. It brings people together, forming special connections and memories with our family and friends.

I believe in EatLove’s commitment to health through food because…

We can empower people to have a newfound appreciation for natural ingredients and to grow a love for healthy eating. I wanted to become a registered dietitian to help educate people how to incorporate nutrient-rich foods in their lifestyle while still being able to enjoy the foods they love. I love how EatLove provides recipes that are so versatile and cater to so many preferences, and the recipes are easy to make and perfect for those living such busy lives.

Here are some of my favorite food photos…

Here are some of my favorite non-food photos…

Get in touch:

Instagram: @project.baymax

LinkedIn: Colleen Lem