EatLove Team Showcase: Meet Monique Nadeau

This story is part of the EatLove Team Showcase series. Read along to learn about our outstanding members and see what drew them to EatLove.

Here’s some background about myself:

I was born in the USA, but lived and studied in Europe for many years. I love to experience new cultures including eating delicious food. I have experience working in International finance, economic policy and now in food and technology. I’m also a very proud to be a mom of a young beekeeper and passionate chefs.

Here’s what I do for my job at EatLove:

  • I’m the Founder and CEO of EatLove

My favorite thing about working for EatLove is…

Definitely the people. We have an amazing team at EatLove and we have inspiring partners. We see that we can make a difference if we collaborate and share ideas. I’m attracted to people who want to solve the world’s toughest problems and our modern diet will have a lasting negative impact on our society if we don’t improve what we eat.

Why does food matter?

I believe food should bring you joy whatever your dietary requirements. Food can be the best source of medicine or the slowest form of poison and its paramount we choose wisely.

I believe in EatLove’s commitment to health through food because…

We take an evidence-based approach to everything we do and we seek the support and collaboration with nutrient experts and the families we serve.

My favorite recipes on EatLove are…

Chicken Tagine

Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Glorious Green Soup (my kids’ favorite)

In my free time, you will catch me…

Feeding chickens, cooking with my family, or in hot yoga.

Get in touch:

LinkedIn: Monique Nadeau