EatLove Team Showcase: Meet Sarah Fung

This story is part of the EatLove Team Showcase series. Read along to learn about our outstanding members and see what drew them to EatLove.

In three sentences, here’s some background about myself:

I am a major foodie, runner, amateur cook, and student. I currently study nutrition and molecular biology as an undergraduate at the University of California Berkeley which allows me to pursue my interests in both metabolic diseases and the immune system. In my free time I enjoy traveling, staying active, photography, and baking with my roommates.

Here’s what I do for my job at EatLove:

  • Prep
  • Cook
  • Photograph EatLove recipes for the website

My favorite thing about working for EatLove is…

Being surrounded by an amazing team of people who are passionate about whole foods and believe in sustainable eating habits that focus on improving overall health.

Why does food matter?

Food matters because in addition to being delicious, it brings people together. I’ve never felt as connected to my extended family and friends as I do when we all sit down together to enjoy a celebratory meal.

I believe in EatLove’s commitment to health through food because…

We provide an approachable means of healthy eating that can help establish long term habits and will hopefully improve the quality of life and bring joy to our users.

Here are some of my favorite food photos…

Here are some of my favorite non-food photos…

Get in touch:

LinkedIn: Sarah Fung