EatLove as told by Amanda Stegmann, MS, LDN

Meet Amanda Stegmann, MS, RD, LDN. Dietitian in Boston, MA. Learn why she didn’t think twice before signing on EatLove PRO for her business.

Hannah Park
Oct 23, 2019 · 2 min read

“In my experience working in the field of dietary counseling and nutrition, I’ve noticed a culture among clients who seem to believe dietitians are similar to magicians and can put together an individually tailored meal plan as simple as picking out a weather-appropriate seasonal outfit. This shirt with these pants…. this chicken with these carrots.

But it’s not simple at all. Its quite the opposite actually; like solving a very complicated and multidimensional problem with intricate layers and pieces. It’s impossible to have an immediate recall of the nutrient composition of every agricultural food item. And since food contains different compositions of both macro and micronutrients; this adds an additional layer of complexity to creating an individually tailored plan for someone with say, diabetes, compared to someone with heart disease.

Meal plans are incredibly time consuming especially to find recipes that also hold the integrity of being palpable.

That is, until EatLove.

I remember my first exposure to EatLove. I was telling a fellow dietitian friend about creating 6-week meal plans tailored to very specific macronutrient parameters with corresponding recipes and grocery lists for a reputable fitness company and sharing how time consuming and tedious it was. Her reaction: “Wait, you did this by hand?”

“Yes, of course. How else could you do it?”

She pulled up EatLove on her web browser and it blew my mind. It felt like I had been in BC Egypt building pyramids stone by stone and Elon Musk himself pulled up in an electric Tesla, handed me an iPhone, and told me I could just order it on Amazon Prime.

As soon as I got home, I was so excited I called my mom. EatLove was the closest thing to real magic I’ve ever experienced in my professional life.

The same work I had spent hours doing by hand, could be generated tailored to your specific potassium, sodium, calcium. macro nutrient, fiber etc needs with corresponding grocery lists, nutrient information, private messaging, HIPPA compliant patient records- within seconds.

This product is revolutionary and life changing for me, and for my patients. It was an even bigger thrill when I learned it did not cost the well deserved 1 million dollars I was willing to pay, rather a cost as affordable as a monthly gym membership.

EatLove is nothing short of nutrition magic. I will be forever grateful to this product and company for it’s impact on my career and my life.”

Amanda is not one of the only dietitians aww struck by EatLove PRO. Find out for yourself by starting a free 2 week trial today!


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