RD Spotlight: Ilene Cohen, MS, RDN, CDE

We’re excited to share Ilene’s story on how her life becomes so much easier once she started using EatLove PRO for her clients in individual and group nutrition classes.

Jun 15, 2018 · 4 min read

This story is a part of the RD Spotlight series where we feature outstanding Registered Dietitians around the globe who are part of the EatLove community.

1. How do you use EatLove PRO in your work? Tell us a little bit about yourself, your practice and specialty.

I am an RDN and Certified Diabetes Educator with an integrative private nutrition practice, PranaSpirit Nutrition & Wellness, in Manhattan. While my career started in hospitals, clinics and diabetes center, my private practice has evolved in the past few years into a holistic and integrative melange of integrative and functional nutrition, yoga and mind body therapies. Also, being a Certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher, I am naturally drawn to incorporating yoga/yoga therapy into my work with patients/clients.

I started using EatLove PRO in my practice a few months ago and it’s been great! I use it individually and am starting to use it in group work. I am the type of person who would exhaust myself writing out meal plans for clients — now, if I feel the client is an appropriate candidate for meal planning and is interested, I demo the software on myself by putting their anthropometrics and goals into my demo profile. If the patient wants to invest, they can purchase a subscription through me and we get them set up. I am in the process of developing a 10 week yoga + nutrition meal planning group that combines the best of both worlds. Of course, all participants will get a subscription to EatLove.

2. What is your favorite part about being a Registered Dietitian?

I LOVE what I do, making such a positive impact on people’s lives. It is truly rewarding work. I also love the freedom and flexibility our license provides us with to have my own business and take a non-traditional career path where I can make money creating and doing what I love.

3. How do you utilize meal planning in your practice?

I have always used meal planning in my practice as I believe it’s important. However, I used to spend countless hours (uncompensated!) writing meal plans. Then I started to only do it during sessions. Now with EatLove PRO, I can provide customized meal planning to my clients and keep in touch with them. It not only helps them with their goals since meal planning is essential — we can think of it as a necessity and communicate that to patients — but it also helps them eat more healthfully and mindfully.

4. What are your favorite features on EatLove PRO? How has it changed your job on a day-to-day basis? How has it impacted your clients?

I love everything about EatLove PRO— that I can customize the prescription for each patient, that it offers choices so the patient is involved in the meal planning — I think the swap feature is brilliant as it’s not about me just giving them a meal plan, they are super involved in their own meal planning with the tool. I really like the new batch cooking feature too. Some of my clients have used it not just for leftovers but if they want to make additional servings for a spouse. I love the shopping list — it’s truly amazing how it even connects to Amazon Fresh, saving clients so much time.

My clients who use it love it — I notice that they are meeting their health and weight goals, saving themselves time, and really enjoying the recipes. They are excited about meal planning in a way they never have been before, which is beyond exciting for me.

Then they share them with me and we discuss them during sessions. I feel like EatLove PRO takes my quality care up notches even higher.

Fun Facts:

  • It’s hard as I have a few, but I would say that it is coconut! I am drawn to coconut — coconut sorbet, coconut milk, curries. I love its’ cool and sweet flavor and there’s so much you can do with it!
  • Breakfast for dinner! I make myself a quick organic egg omelette with lentil pasta, fresh pesto, broccoli and steamed kale + avocado with olive oil and Gomasio (sesame seeds).
  • Definitely food flexibility. Meaning, eat healthfully and mindfully, it doesn’t need to be perfect all the time. Live to eat and enjoyment of food is also important as is the nutrient content of food.

How I Profit $1000 Extra Per Month With EatLove

EatLove Blog

EatLove, with its science-based algorithms and ability to instantly analyze more than 3 million dietary factors is the most powerful meal planning platform available.


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Automated meal planner personalized to your nutrition needs. Grocery lists and advance prep schedule to help simplify meals at home.

EatLove Blog

EatLove, with its science-based algorithms and ability to instantly analyze more than 3 million dietary factors is the most powerful meal planning platform available.

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