RD Spotlight: Jenny Cutler

Jenny is a dietitian working at The Mettler Center — a large gym in Champaign, IL

This story is a part of the RD Spotlight series where we feature outstanding Registered Dietitians around the globe who are part of the EatLove community.

1. How do you use EatLove PRO in your work? Tell us a little bit about yourself, your practice and specialty.

I work at the Mettler Center, a health & fitness center in Champaign, IL. Clients come to see me on a broad range spectrum, but many of my clients are seeking support to lose weight, improve their health, and feel better.

I’ve been using EatLove Pro with clients that are in need of new recipe & meal ideas and inspiration. I also use this tool as a guide for educating clients on how to develop and utilize meal planning within their busy schedule.

2. What is your favorite part about being a Registered Dietitian?

I LOVE being a RD! I find the most satisfaction out of helping clients find a healthy relationship with food and their body so they can actually enjoy the foods they eat while also maintaining a healthy & balanced way of eating. We are exposed to so much information about nutrition, food, weight, etc that it’s easy for people to feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to their diet. I strive to work with clients to clear up any confusion they have with nutrition, be there for them and work through any difficulties they have with food, and to break free of having any type of diet-focused mentality so they can experience pleasure & freedom with their food choices.

3. How do you utilize meal planning in your practice?

Meal planning has always been a big component of the work I do with clients. Knowing what to cook or making time to cook are some of the the most common challenges my clients face toward feeling confident with their health and nutrition. Having a plan for what to cook throughout the week can be a great way to guide clients toward making more nutritious meal choices which can further save time, money, and lead to improved health.

4. What are your favorite features on EatLove PRO? How has it changed your job on a day-to-day basis? How has it impacted your clients?

I love the swap feature! Before using EatLove, if I were to provide a client with recipe or meal ideas, they’d instantly find things within those options they didn’t like. Swapping allows the user to switch out any meal for something that sounds better and that they’ll truly enjoy. I want people to eat the foods they love, not eat the foods they feel they are “supposed” to eat. This swap feature also allows the client to start practicing meal planning (whether they’re aware of it or not!).

By swapping, they are making a conscious decision of their meal choice by considering what actually sounds good, what ingredients are being used and if any of those are already in their pantry, and whether that particular meal works for their schedule on that day.

The grocery list is also a great tool clients are able to use in order to ensure they have all the ingredients needed to prepare those meals. This will leave clients with more efficient and budget friendly trips to the grocery store.

Fun Facts:

  • What’s your favorite food? I love a good Stir Fry!
  • What’s your go-to quick weeknight meal? Sitr Fry, haha! But seriously, throwing together a mix of chopped vegetables, like peppers, onions, broccoli, etc, & a protein, like chicken or steak, with a simple homemade soy sauce marinade is a quick, healthy, and convenient option using ingredients I tend to always have on hand!
  • Food philosophy? Moderation! All food fits. I find that in order to avoid feeling deprived or unhappy with food, you have to find ways to enjoy the foods you truly want & enjoy. It might mean you have these in a little less quantity or a little less often than others, but there are no “off-limits” foods in my mind. If we start to listen to our body, honor our hunger & preferences, we will learn to develop a healthy & balanced relationship with food.