RD Spotlight: Tenille Sonnichsen, RD

As a dietitian working in a wellness center, Tenille shares how she helps her clients accomplish their health goals.

This story is a part of the RD Spotlight series where we feature outstanding Registered Dietitians around the globe who are part of the EatLove community.

1. How do you use EatLove in your work? Tell us a little bit about yourself, your practice and specialty.

I work at the Reh-Fit Centre, a community health centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Most of my clients come for nutrition advice regarding cardiac rehab, sports nutrition or weight loss. For clients who are interested in recipes or a meal plan, I use EatLove PRO to give them the right number of calories, macros, and other nutrients. With the ability to control recommended intake of sodium, saturated fat, and sugars, I can customize for multiple health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

2. What is your favorite part about being a Registered Dietitian?

I love helping people. I love seeing people’s expressions when they learn something new, something that helps them simplify healthy eating, or diversify their boring old recipes!

3. How do you utilize meal planning in your practice?

I provide meal plans to provide variety and to help people accomplish their health and body composition goals.

4. What are your favorite features on EatLove? How has it changed your job on a day-to-day basis? How has it impacted your clients?

My favourite features on EatLove are:

  1. The ability to customize calories, macros, and other nutrients based on body composition, activity, and health conditions;
  2. The recipe swap feature — if they don’t want to eat a particular meal they can swap it out for something else that fits within their recommendations.

EatLove PRO has simplified meal planning for me drastically! Rather than spending hours on each meal plan, it takes only 10 minutes! My clients are benefiting because they now have a wide array of recipes.

Fun Facts:

  • What’s your favorite food? Chocolate!
  • What’s your go-to quick weeknight meal? Fish tacos
  • Food philosophy? Eat what you love

Connect with Tenille:

Website: www.tenillesnutrition.com

Twitter: @TenilleRD

LinkedIn: Tenille Sonnichsen