RD Success Story: Andrea Miller MHSc, RD

Andrea is a dietitian in private practice located in Ontario, Canada.

This story is a part of the RD Success Story series where we feature outstanding Registered Dietitians around the globe who are part of the EatLove community.

What is your practice’s niche?

General Nutrition

What are the top 3 goals you hope to achieve when working with your client with EatLove?

  • Increased confidence with cooking
  • Less stress with meal planning and preparation
  • Increased variety of foods eaten

How do you package your programs — and incorporate EatLove into your offerings?

I offer a multi-visit package that included the initial assessment, 2 follow up visits and 6 weeks of meal planning with EatLove; I also offer a 6 week renewal program, for active clients.

How do you monetize the service?

The assessment package with 2 follow up visits and 6 weeks of EatLove is $325.00 CAD; the 6 week renewal package is $100.00 CAD- this can be ordered over the phone or by email- as this is offered to active clients.

What were you doing before EatLove?

I was not using a specific meal planning program, prior to EatLove: I spent time providing clients with tips for meal planning and grocery shopping.

How did you incorporate EatLove?

During my assessment visit with a new client, if mention that they are interested in learning skills in meal planning, or if they would like to improve their confidence in cooking, I will describe the EatLove program and show them the website. This often peaks interest, and engagement.

How did patients take to the technology? What has been some of the positive feedback you’ve received from clients on EatLove?

My clients LOVE the technology! The feedback I have received from all of my clients has been positive! They love the recipes, the variety of choices; they describe the program as easy to learn and use. They love that they can swap recipes, view other recipes and batch cook for leftovers.

What’s been the best thing for your patients since using EatLove?

Client retention with EatLove has been great! Many of my clients have purchased renewal packages. They tell me they love the routine of using the program- meal prep has become less stressful and grocery shopping is much easier.

What’s been the best thing for you since incorporating EatLove into your work?

Increased confidence in cooking; cooking more at home (so less take-out), increased variety in food choices.