RD Success Story: Jenny Cutler, MS, RD, LDN

Jenny is a dietitian working at The Mettler Center — a large gym in Champaign, IL.

This story is a part of the RD Success Story series where we feature outstanding Registered Dietitians around the globe who are part of the EatLove community.

What is your practice’s niche?

I guide my clients in creating a lifestyle approach toward positive nutrition and health on an individual basis. I work on building a positive relationship with food & their body in order to feel confident with themselves and actually enjoy the foods they eat!

What are the top 3 goals you hope to achieve when working with your client with EatLove?

  • Allow clients to learn what goes into meal planning, and to develop a strategy of meal planning that works for their lifestyle.
  • Understand how meal planning can guide clients toward making more nutritious meal choices which can further save time, money, and lead to improved health.
  • Expose clients to new recipes for fun & inspirational meal ideas!

How do you package your programs — and incorporate EatLove into your offerings?

  • Free 15-minute “Meet the RD” appointment
  • Each new client starts with a 60 minute session and then clients purchase a 5 pack or 10 pack of 30 minute sessions. EatLove is an offering for all packages.
  • EatLove is offered as a component of each package and can be used by the client throughout the duration of the package, or can be purchased “a la carte” as a monthly subscription.

How do you monetize the service?

We offer a 30 minute consultation + 1 month access to EatLove at $100 for all new clients. To renew access to EatLove, clients are charged a fee of $50 per month.

What were you doing before EatLove?

Providing personalized meal planning is time consuming and almost impossible when it comes to actually providing a plan that meets the clients preferences. EatLove is a tool I use to provide my clients with a meal plan they will actually use and enjoy! Using EatLove, I’m able to educate clients on meal planning in an interactive way and allow them to take the wheel with planning their meals.

How did you incorporate EatLove?

I include EatLove as an option within my packages for clients who need more guidance with their meals, and for those who are looking for new & exciting recipe ideas.

How did patients take to the technology? What has been some of the positive feedback you’ve received from clients on EatLove?

EatLove has awesome features that I want each client to feel comfortable with and take advantage of. With that, I have found that spending adequate time giving a tutorial of the program, as well as a detailed email providing a recap of utilizing EatLove has helped clients feel more confident with using it.

What’s been the best thing for your patients since using EatLove?

My clients have found that EatLove gives them some structure and guidance for their week. They find themselves less having that feeling of “not knowing what to cook” or not having the ingredients on hand to prepare a meal while utilizing their meal plan on EatLove.

What’s been the best thing for you since incorporating EatLove into your work?

EatLove has provided me with new & exciting recipes to share with my clients and as our “recipe of the week” for our social media channels.

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