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Anabelle Harari, MS
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5 min readDec 5, 2019


You may think Pinterest is just a place for you to find new recipes, plan a dream wedding or organize your home — but Pinterest is actually a super powerful social media platform that can actually help you market and grow your nutrition business.

First of all, Pinterest acts as more of a search engine, compared to other social media platforms. If you’re searching for ideas, are you more likely to type it into Facebook or Pinterest?

When people go to Pinterest, they’re typically trying to solve a problem, find ideas, or start a project. If their project is nutrition related — you’re in luck!

For example, let’s say someone goes to Pinterest looking for a meal plan, they search for “meal plan” and thousands of options come up:

More so, at the top of the page you can see Pinterest has smart suggestions to help you narrow your search:

Pinterest search function

Are you looking for a meal plan to lose weight, a healthy meal plan, or maybe a just a meal plan template?

You can use this smart suggestion to your advantage by seeing which key terms are most searched for and popular.

By doing a bit of research on Pinterest, you can better plan your blog posts, email newsletters, and even your lead magnet or opt-in freebie. Using Pinterest, you can get into the head of your ideal client.

Create Content for Your Ideal Client

By now, you probably know who your ideal client is. If you don’t, make sure to take a few steps to get clear on who exactly you want to attract to your business.

Are you only interested in working with a specific patient population, or maybe you’re more of a general weight management practice. Whatever your ideal population is, be clear in your messaging on who exactly you are helping.

Are you targeting women going through menopause, ultra marathoners, or type 1 diabetics? Regardless of your niche, you should be creating content that will solve your ideal client’s main pain point.

If your ideal client is a woman in her 30s that is trying to lose weight, perhaps your pin can be: “3 day healthy meal plan to lose weight.”

You can easily create a meal plan using the EatLove platform to quickly create a meal plan that leads your ideal client to click on the pin and lead them to your content.

When logged into EatLove Pro, create a test client, that is identical to your ideal client. Create a plan that is customizable to your client’s dietary lifestyle, food avoidances and allergies, goals and health conditions, and much more.. Here’s some highlights of what you’ll need to create a Pinterest-able meal plan:

  1. Name your ideal client

2. Choose their lifestyle & select any dietary avoidances

3. Choose from nearly 20 health conditions and 10 lifestyle goals

4. Prescribe a Nutrition Prescription — based on that client’s specific calorie and dietary needs.


Since Pinterest is such a visual platform, you want to create a pin that is visually appealing to your audience. Food photos work well for Pinterest, as well as How-Tos.

3 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

Showcasing the amazing meal plans you make using EatLove is a great way to visually appeal to your ideal client using the EatLove Pro meal planning platform.

Now, you may notice that on Pinterest, long vertical photos do best, so instead of just dropping the above photo into Pinterest, you want to make a long vertical Pin to attract your ideal client.

Our favorite tool for this is Canva:

When you log into Canva, you can search for Pinterest, and automatically Canva will find the right height and width for a Pin in Pinterest. Now, just add your photo, text, and a link to your website:

Lead Magnet

One of the best ways to build your nutrition business is by growing your email list. Your email list are people who are interested in the content you create — think about it, how many of us are bombarded with emails every day?

If someone is signing up for your email list, it means they’re interested in what you have to say, and can become your client in the future.

You can use Pinterest as a way to direct people to your lead magnet, which essentially is just a free piece of content that appeals to your ideal client.

Wrap it All Up

Using Pinterest, you can instantly create a meal plan geared toward your ideal client, create an eye-catching Pin, and link it to your lead magnet — which is your meal plan.

We hope this helps you market your amazing nutrition business!



Anabelle Harari, MS
EatLove Blog

Anabelle is an integrative nutritionist and RD to be focusing on women’s health, specifically fertility, prenatal and postpartum nutrition.