Does calories count really matter?

In order to lose weight, it is important to consume fewer calories than you burn. Theoretically, this appears simple to manage. Nevertheless, food intake management is difficult. Calories counting is one way to manage body weight but it does not really count. Here is why.

#1: Not all calories are the same
The human body does not deal with all calories in a similar manner. Food that is rich in known nutrients has considerably quality calories. These foods have been conceived to make full quickly as well as maintain one satisfied for long. However, a diet consisting of processed foods, grains, and sugar is not as satisfying. Therefore, the person consuming this kind of diet is in all likelihood going to overeat.

#2: It makes you hungry all the time
Unfortunately, the human body does not function on mathematical grounds but in biological terms. Therefore, cutting down a certain amount of calories in everyday meals in a bid to lose estimated pounds or with the goal of not gaining some given number of pounds will only get you hungry all day long and starved. By so doing, your body burns muscles instead of fat. Calories only count for a small component of the whole math.

#3: It is unrealistic in the long run
There is little math in biology but there is definitely no biology in math. It is unrealistic to count calories rather than eating healthy. Just give the body what it requires and the rest will be taken care of. This will include maintaining the required weight and fitness. Focus on quality.

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