The glory of quiet work

Thoughts after a Saturday spent writing

That’s all I did today. Work. I sat in front of my computer at 10 a.m. and only got up twice to take quick eating breaks. It’s nearly 5:30 p.m. and my brain feels stretched to its limits.

Despite the exhaustion, it feels good to have sat here this long, just writing. Even if no one reads what I wrote today, the discipline, courage, and passion that grew from sitting here and tapping away on my keyboard makes me feel accomplished. Makes me feel like I grew somehow. And that the stamina I developed today is a good seed to plant.

Makes me think of how our world tends to measure the value of work in cents and likes…

How about the meaning and virtue that comes from working hard? And the deeper connections working well makes possible?

Connections like deeper self-knowledge, and a broader worldview…Connections like higher-quality conversations that grow out of reading closely, thinking hard, and discovering a better way of making something…

Aren’t these measure sticks just as valid as money and popularity when evaluating how much work one has accomplished?

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