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Top 10 Serif Fonts for Stylish & Elegant Logo Design

If you’re looking to design an elegant logo, the right serif font can add some flair, class and sophistication to your designs.

Professional designers usually use serif fonts when they want to convey attributes like: trustworthy, elegant, classic, sophisticated, and perhaps a bit old-school.

The fonts you pick for your logo and identity design influence the way your brand is perceived.

Fonts are one of the most important elements of visual language (besides color and shape) that designers use to express the company’s brand personality.

So if you want your brand to appear stylish and graceful (e.g. fashion brands), then you should find an elegant serif font that can help you create that kind of a look.

To help you do just that, I prepared a list of the top 10 serif fonts to use when designing a an elegant and sophisticated logo.

10 Elegant Logo Fonts

  1. Recoleta
  2. Glamour Absolute
  3. Blacker Pro
  4. FF Meta Serif
  5. Freight Display Pro
  6. Mirador
  7. Bookmania
  8. Span
  9. Gabriela Stencil
  10. Mixta

Below, I’ve listed a preview of each font together with a few examples in use.

1. Recoleta

Recoleta is a modern serif typeface designed by Jorge Cisterna that takes clues from various popular 1970s fonts.

Recoleta combines soft and gentle shapes with fluid and angled strokes to create a stylish look.

The designer basically melted together best features of classic serif fonts: Cooper and Windsor to create a fresh, yet familiar look.

The Recoleta typeface comes in a variety of different weights to provide you with a range of choices when working on your project.

Heavier weights are ideal for high impact logos and headlines, while lighter weights can be used for body text in your brand identity system.

There are also available stylistic alternates, to give you a number of different characters in order to create a logo and identity system that looks unique.

Examples of Recoleta font in use:

In a sea of sameness, this font gives you an opportunity to stand out and will certainly make your logo look elegant and unique.

Download Recoleta Font

2. Glamour Absolute

This new bold serif font was designed by Nicky Laatz who mixed both modern and vintage curves to help you create two styles: vintage retro and modern chic.

Glamour Absolute is a beautiful, flowing font with ligatures that add class to your designs.

The designer took inspiration from old-school magazines and retro advertising, then he refined the characters to give them a more contemporary look.

If you want to create vintage retro look, then simply access your OpenType features to select from the large library of letters and ligatures.

You can vary between a light and heavy vintage look, depending on how many letters you alter (how many ligatures).

If you want to create a modern chic look, then just type with regular letters and play with letter spacing to get the look you are after.

Glamour Absolute is a very versatile font that can be used for a wide range project types: from food packaging, to weddings invitations, to cometic brands and so much more.

Download Glamour Absolute

3. Blacker Pro

Blacker Pro is a take on the “evil serif” font trend, designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli who got inspired by the fonts from 1970s.

Blacker is a high contrast, sharp wedge serif designed to reminiscent of the classic didone typefaces of 70’s

This typeface is meant to be a modern classic font that can be used for bold statements and courageous brands.

The modern proportions and sharp, blade-like triangular serifs make this font look great, particularly when used for headlines and logotypes.

Blacker Pro has two optical subfamilies: the display and text variants.

The display version has tighter tracking, higher contrast and sharper corners for maximum impact at big sizes.

While the text version offers better legibility and screen rendering at smaller sizes, with looser spacing and lower contrast.

in additional, you will find condensed variants and uppercase-only variants of those to subfamilies, each in six weights from light to heavy, with matching italics.

This really large typeface family totals at 69 styles covering everything from editorial to advertising uses.

With its bold personality, Blacker will make your text look great both on paper and on the screens.

Download Blacker Pro

4. FF Meta Serif

Erik Spiekermann worked with other notable typographers to create the serif version of his most famous sans, FF Meta, all from scratch.

FF Meta Serif is a serif typeface that looks like its famous brother FF Meta, but functions like a traditional seriffed text family.

FF Meta Seris is ideal for advertising and packaging, book text, editorial and publishing, and of course logo and branding.

FF Meta Serif comes in six weights from light to black (including italics) and covers Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts.

This well designed, large family typeface provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures, small capitals, multiple figure sets, and a range of arrows and symbols.

Thanks to additional contributors like Ralph du Carrois and Botjo Nikoltchev this font comes with a complete range of figure set options — oldstyle and lining figures, each in tabular and proportional widths.

A solid serif for versatile use in any type of graphic design work.

Examples of FF Meta Serif in use:

  • Helbers — brand identity by Only
  • Medow — website by Andreas Källbom

This typeface is a member of the extensive FF Meta Super Family, so you can find the right fonts and pair them easily for uniform look.

Download FF Meta Serif

5. Freight Display Pro

Designed by Joshua Darden, Freight Display Pro is a beautiful serif font family that will make your designs look fashionable.

Freight Display Pro is a workhorse for branding, the warm proportions and large lower suggest balance and harmony.

This elegant serif font that will add a touch of luxury and style to your branding and logo design projects.

The extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes gives Freight Display Pro a harmonic and stylish look that can convey both: masculine and feminine qualities.

It works really well when used as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

This typeface comes in 12 weights with matching italics and was published by GarageFonts.

Freight Display Pro is perfectly suited for editorial design, branding, magazines, logos, headings and more.

Examples of Freight Display Pro in use:

A great typeface for coffee shops, fashion labels, photographers, beauty products, and other boutique brands.

Download Freight Display Pro

6. Mirador

Mirador is a neoclassical font family designed by René Bieder who wanted to bring the classic serif style to contemporary taste and typesetting needs.

Mirador is a contemporary take on high contrast fonts that perfectly capture elegance, tradition and timelessness.

Although Mirador appears to be a display font at first glance, its proportions and design make it also work well in smaller sizes.

And if it works in small sizes, then you know it’s good for logo design and branding.

However, Mirador finds also other various usages — ranging from editorial and corporate design to web, interaction and product design.

Mirador typeface comes in 10 weights (with italics) and is equipped with ligatures, alternative glyphs and other useful opentype features.

The beautiful ligatures and stylistic alternates of Mirador will give your designs an original, yet timeless look.

Perfectly suited for brands that have to do anything with luxury, jewelry, diamonds etc.

Examples of Mirador in use:

This typeface pays great respect for the tradition of reading, but also gives you the opportunity to make an impression.

Download Mirador font

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