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Best NonProfit Logos Explained

Creating a professional logo for a non-profit organization is as important as for any other business.

Your nonprofit logos should resonate with the people you’re trying to connect with.

A well-designed nonprofit logo is crucial to connect with donors and remind supporters what you stand for.

Whether you’re creating your brand’s visual identity for the first time, or redesigning it, you can find some inspiration and guidance from the best.

Below’s my list of 9 great nonprofit logos:

1. WWF

WWF is probably the most recognizable logo in the nonprofit space. If you

The Panda illustrations speaks to the organizations mission — to conserve wildlife.

Because this pictorial mark uses a single color, it’s very adaptive to different mediums.

The positive space (black) gives just enough definition, so that a viewer’s eye can complete the rest and recognize panda in an instant.

The name WWF stands for World Wild Life and is set in a sans-serif typeface which gives a modern look to a brand that’s over 50 years old.

2. Feeding America

Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people with food and end hunger.

The stacked “I”s forming an ear of wheat swiftly conveying the message of food/feeding.

The logo is a simple execution — how lucky to have an even number of letters in each word and how even more miraculous that the “I”s meet at exact same position?

The logo was design by Interbrand.

3. Handicap International

Handicap International is an independent and impartial aid organization who works alongside people with disabilities.

The logo smartly illustrates the acronym “HI” by using a welcoming hand symbol.

This logo is a perfect example of a cross between the letterform and pictorial mark.

The logo is very approachable and captures the company’s mission in a simple and bold shape.

4. Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a non-profit organization that stand ups for human rights.

The Amnesty logo combines two recognizable images inspired by the proverb, “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

The logo is inspired by the Chinese proverb, “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

The barbed wire represents “the darkness” (hopelessness) of people put in jail where they think nobody remembers them.

The candle represents Amnesty Internationalʼs commitment to bring the prisoners hope for their fair treatment and eventual release.

Read more about the Amnesty logo history.

5. Human Appeal

Human Appeal is an organization providing humanitarian aid that saves and transforms lives. The organization asks the question, what makes us human?

The answer is caring for others and changing their lives for the better.

The logo combines an ‘H’ for ‘human appeal’ with a symbol of a person.

Turning the symbol 45 degrees, allows us to read both meanings — and the angle added a useful sense of urgency.

clever and bold mark that conveys directly and playfully the name of the organization through an icon that is half “H”, half abstract human.

It’s a symbol that can be interpreted by anyone and especially beneficial for anyone who might not be able to read.

Read more about the recent Human Appeal rebrand.



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