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Top 10 Cheap 4k Monitors in 2022

If you’re wondering about a high-quality but best-budget monitor, then check out my list of 10 cheap 4K monitors in 2022.

For creatives, it is necessary to have a monitor that will make you feel comfortable and make your work easier.

Many brands offer affordable but high-quality 4K monitors that will definitely help you in your industry.

Is a cheap 4K monitor worth it?

If you’re going to ask me that question, my answer is yes, because there are a lot of monitors that have a low cost but excellent performance.

It’s extremely valuable to have a 4K-resolution display in your home or office.

The 4K monitor is one of the best devices for creatives because it allows you to stand out in your work while also making your workspace more comfortable.

For example, you can buy a best-budget but quality 4K monitor for under $200, and that is the Lenovo ThinkVision.

It is an advantage for you to have a cheap but excellent monitor, and one of those is that you’ll be able to use more space for windows and tabs, as well as applications.

For more details and information about this topic, here’s my list of the 10 best cheap 4K monitors for creatives.

Please note: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you.

10 Best Cheap 4K Monitors for Creatives

  1. LG 27UL850 — Best overall
  2. SAMSUNG UJ59 — Best for editors
  3. ASUS TUF Gaming — Best for streamers
  4. Lenovo ThinkVision — Best-budget
  5. ViewSonic VP — Best mid-range
  6. ASUS ROG — Best for professionals
  7. GIGABYTE M32U — Best for offices
  8. Dell UltraSharp — Best for students
  9. HP U28 4K — Best for working from home
  10. Dell Curved 4k — — Best for general use.

How to choose a monitor for creatives?

If you don’t know where to start, there are a lot of affordable 4K monitors out there.

How to choose monitor for creatives?

For creatives, here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a 4K monitor:

  1. Screen Resolution
  2. Refresh Rate
  3. Screen Size
  4. Price

With use of this cheap 4K monitor buying guide, it will help you decide which monitor to buy in 2022.

Screen Resolution

A monitor’s resolution has a big effect on how well it can show visual content.

Additionally, a higher-resolution monitor with a built-in webcam produces better images.

It’s important to note that screen resolution is another way of describing the display’s visual dimensions.

Refresh Rate

As the refresh rate of your monitor improves, so will the FPS your CPU and GPU can offer.

Depending on the game or application you’re using, a different collection of components is required for a faster refresh rate.

If you’re looking to buy a cheap 4k monitor, this is an important consideration to keep in mind.

Screen Size

When determining the screen size, inches are utilized as the unit of measurement.

If you have a widescreen monitor, you can do things that would be impossible on a standard screen.

To get the most out of your screen, you need to know the ideal screen size for your industry.


The price is definitely the most important thing to consider when buying a cheap 4K monitor.

Make sure you get a 4K monitor for under $1000 so you don’t end up overspending on a monitor that you can afford.

All of the products on my list are inexpensive, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

So without further ado, let’s continue with my list of the best cheap 4K monitors for creatives in 2022.

1. LG 27UL850

If you’re looking for a high-quality, cheap 4K monitor that has excellent performance overall, then check out this LG 27UL850.

The best overall 4k monitor for creatives.

Its IPS panels, which have wide viewing angles and cover 99 percent of the RGB color space, provide better color accuracy.

LG 27UL850

There are USB Type-C connectors, and the VESA 400 monitors can display 4K video with a brightness of 400 nits.

On the other hand, a single connection can be used to send data and charge a laptop or mobile device simultaneously.

This monitor is good for gaming, working from home, or even for business purposes.

The LG 27UL850 is an excellent choice for creatives that are searching for the best 4K monitor that is suitable for their needs.


Screen Size: 27 Inches
Screen Resolution:
3840 x 2160 pixels
‎1.75 x 24.14 x 14.35 inches
Refresh Rate:
60 Hz


  1. Great design
  2. Easy to set up


  1. Speakers are not so good

Buy LG 27UL850 on Amazon


Next on my list is the Samsung UJ59, which is the finest cheap 4K monitor that is perfect for editors.

The best cheap 4k monitor for editors.

It displays images with incredible detail, and the 32-inch 4K monitor produces stunning images.


With Picture-by-Picture (PBP), you can connect to two devices at the same time while keeping their original quality on a widescreen monitor.

On the other hand, blink-free and eye-saving modes reduce blue light emissions, minimizing eye strain during lengthy workdays.

With AMD FREESYNC, you can also cut down on image breakup and stuttering by synchronizing the refresh rates of your graphics card and your screen.

Lastly, natural-looking and realistic photos can be created with an incredible 1 billion colors.

The Samsung UJ59 is a nice choice for editors that are looking for a cheap but outstanding 4K monitor that is excellent for editors.


Screen Size: 31.5 Inches
Screen Resolution:
3840 x 2160 pixels
‎‎‎28.72 x 9.9 x 21.04 inches
Refresh Rate:
60 Hz


  1. Great performance
  2. Dual HDMI 2.0


  1. No USB ports

Buy SAMSUNG UJ59 on Amazon

3. ASUS TUF Gaming

For gamers or streamers that are looking for a cheap, 4K, but amazing monitor that fits their needs, then the ASUS TUF Gaming is for you.

The best cheap 4k monitor for streamers.

It has a WQHD (2560x1440) 1800R curvy HDR display with a rapid refresh rate for professional gamers and immersive gameplay.


It is possible to achieve a 1 ms reaction time (mprt) and adaptive sync using Asus’s extreme low motion blur sync (elmb sync) technology, eliminating motion blur and tearing for clear gaming images with high frame rates.

Also, Asus eye care technology reduces eye fatigue while an ergonomic stand with full height, tilt, and pivot adjustments fit any workstation.

Lastly, enhanced color performance and control thanks to new game visuals and game-plus functions.

The ASUS TUF Gaming is a nice choice for people that are searching for a cheap but stunning 4K monitor that is great for streaming.


Screen Size: 31.5 Inches
Screen Resolution:
2560 x 1440 Pixels
Dimension: ‎‎‎
28.9 x 9.19 x 18.93 inches
Refresh Rate:
144 Hz


  1. Excellent response time.
  2. Great design


  1. Image may appear blurry.

Buy ASUS TUF Gaming on Amazon

4. Lenovo ThinkVision

Are you looking for an affordable but amazing 4K monitor that is suitable for your needs? — No need to look further, because Lenovo ThinkVision is for you.

The best-budget 4k monitor.

The Lenovo ThinkVision is a great choice for creatives that are looking for a low-budget but quality 4K monitor.

Lenovo ThinkVision

Even at a low cost, its speedy games and movies benefit from 4 ms of Extreme Mode response time since it reduces visual artifacts and blurring.

For viewing movies, playing video games, and working in the workplace, 16:9 widescreen is ideal.

On the other hand, on-screen images are clear and constant thanks to the 250-nit brightness.

Furthermore, you can play smoothly at any framerate thanks to FreeSync technology, which eliminates choppy gameplay and broken frames.

Lastly, In order to connect high-end computers, Blu-ray players, and gaming consoles of today, you need to have an HDMI port in order.


Screen Size: 27 Inches
Screen Resolution:
1920 x 1080 pixels
‎‎17.5 x 9.1 x 24.2 inches
Refresh Rate:
75 Hz


  1. Excellent performance
  2. Widescreen


  1. Not good speaker

Buy Lenovo ThinkVision on Amazon

5. ViewSonic VP

Next on my list is the ViewSonic VP, which is the best mid-range cheap 4K monitor that is great for creatives.

The best mid-range cheap 4k monitor.

Lifelike colors are provided by 4K UHD, 60Hz IPS monitors that are ideal for the office, graphic design, photography, and other creative pursuits.

ViewSonic VP

Also, a four-sided ultra-thin bezel shows more of your work and less of the monitor.

With the help of sRGB and EBU color spaces, SMPTE-C and Rec 709 color spaces, and a 4.39 trillion-color palette you can get very precise and realistic images.

And calibration is quick and simple, ensuring that the displayed colors are identical to the source file.

Lastly, DMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, USB, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort inputs are all supported by the VP3268–4K.

The ViewSonic VP is an excellent choice for creatives that are searching for a high-quality mid-range monitor that is suitable for their needs.


Screen Size: 32 Inches
Screen Resolution:
3840 x 2160 Pixels
‎10.45 x 28.09 x 25.04 inches
Refresh Rate:
60 Hz


  1. Excellent stand
  2. Great color performance


  1. Lacks FreeSync

Buy ViewSonic VP on Amazon

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