About Ebbets Field Apartment complex

Recently, a friend called to ask me for advice as she was trying to find a new apartment to rent. She called me because I have been working for a property manager in New York for the last 25 years. Instead of recommending a building that I managed, I promptly suggested that she check out the housing complex where I resided for well over a decade, the Ebbets Field Apartment complex. She said she would give it some thought, and reached out a few days later to let me know that she has decided not to look into the building because of a negative article she found online. I did a quick search for the article and was appalled but what I saw.

The article completely misrepresents the building. Here is an inside look from a tenant that lived through the conditions which were the basis of the article. The article is mainly about broken-down elevators. Ebbets Field Apartments is a large complex comprised of 7 attached buildings which consist of 17 elevators. 13 elevators were 100% up and running and maintained at a very high standard. The remaining 4 elevators were unfortunately damaged due to a flood. Management worked very closely with their elevator company and was able to get two of those elevators up and running while they ordered 4 brand new state of the art elevators for the building. Unfortunately, there is no Amazon Prime for elevators just yet and it took time to get all the parts and install the new elevators. Management kept us posted by hanging up signage to keep us informed of the progress. Throughout the time period where they did not have all 4 elevators operational, they had workers available to help tenants carry their belongings upstairs. They even had security guards available to escort tenants through neighboring buildings where they were able to take the elevators to the roof and help tenants walk down a few flights of stairs instead of waiting for the elevators.

Management had their hands full as the tenants association encouraged us to call 311 & 911 as often as we could. They wanted to get as many phone calls to the city as they could so that they can use that to sue the owners of the building Fieldbridge Associates LLC.

As an employee of a property manager myself, another line in the article really stuck out as misleading and deceptive. It mentioned that since 2012, there were 1,831 violations. They paint this as a negative. But in reality, that is actually great numbers. Those violations were issued over a seven-year period, that’s only 261 violations annually. This complex is the home to 1,318 apartments. That’s 1 violation for every 5 apartments. According to all standards, this is a very low violation count.

Fast forward half a year, my friend moved into the complex. She loves her apartment and appreciates the quality of life provided by Fieldbridge Associates LLC. Ebbets Field Apartments has been my home for many years and I have enjoyed living here. Maintenance, Management & Security has always been there when I needed them. I will continue to recommend this building to my friends, and I hope they will come to appreciate the building as much as I have.



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Ebbets Field Apartments

Ebbets Field Apartments is a housing complex, located on the western edge of the Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood.