EBC Foundation Bi-Weekly Update 2019/07/12

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Jul 12 · 2 min read

Dear Travelers!

EBC Foundation promotes the adoption of blockchain by providing technology which allows all travelers to receive their full tax refunds instantly and to use EBCoin as a digital currency. We have had another successful week, as we are continuing to improve our EBCoin wallet and further develop our business.

Business Development

EBC Foundation is proud to announce a new advisor, Hajin Jhun. Jhun has been working as a Chairman of Self-Regulatory Committee (Korea Blockchain Association). The addition of Hajin Jhun would greatly help build EBC business model and expand our ecosystem to a higher level.

Hajin Jhun has been a pioneer in the Blockchain industry and his experience can play to serve as a stronghold for EBC foundation to reach out to a larger enterprise and users, bringing blockchain based Tax Refund solution to the mainstream.

Advisor Profile

Mr. Jhun is one of the most influential opinion leaders in Korea and served as the CEO of HANCOM Inc. (1998–2001) and in the 19th National Assembly Member (2012–2016). Based on his past 30 years of experiencing numerous successes and failures, Mr. Jhun continues to act as a pioneer in suggesting solutions for the future. After the 4th Industrial Revolution, Mr. Jhun predicts that human life will be transformed into a value-oriented society with intellectual and quantitative expansion; therefore, he proposes a new concept of city called ‘Siti’ (Sustainable Intellectual Technologies Integrated) which maximizes sustainability, residence’s happiness, and integration of a blockchain-based governance and tries to spread ‘Siti’.

Currently, Mr. Jhun serves as the Chairman of SRO of Korea Blockchain Association, advisor of Korea Smart Human Tech Association, VP of The Korea Association of Urban Policies, CEO of Siti Plan Inc. and advisor of several companies.

ChainRefund Demo Day in Japan

For the development, we are thrilled to announce that Chain Refund will have a demo to a major Japanese Tech company on Friday, July 19th. (It is a top Japanese system integration company) EBC foundation expects to establish a strategic partnership to expand our tax refund business to the Japanese market.

At the Demo day, ChainRefund will demonstrate passport registration, merchant location, and Tax Refund process by using the dApp. We will inform the result and pictures in the future announcements and updates.

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EBCoin is Blockchain based tax refund Project for travelers all over the world.

EBCoin Team

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EBCoin is Blockchain based tax refund Project for travelers all over the world.