KOD & Ora Slick- “Figure”

KOD & Ora Slick- "Figure"

Much of the national attention Boston hip-hop is receiving is thanks to the solo work of now household names from the city. However, while Ora Slick and KOD aren’t an official duo, it would be understandable to think so based on the chemistry they exhibit on this recently released collaboration titled “Figure”. The track is a classic display of passing the mic back and forth in order to deliver a barrage of bars focused on the grim realities of the trap lifestyle and potentially untrustworthy females.

The dark lyricism of Ora Slick and KOD resonate strongly over the sinister production, seamlessly taking control of the record with their compatible deliveries and shared sentiments on the subject matter of the track. With the emphatic chorus of the track bringing a well-rounded structure to the song (‘Trying to put the pieces to the puzzle together so what is sleep, just me and my drugs just me and my drugs I keep as my company, she says she in love me she says in love with me, the question that lingers is if I was locked would you still wanna fuck with me’), “Figure” proves to have a solid deal of replay value and is a fine example of Ora Slick/KOD’s mic presence.

Listen to the song below and let’s hope these two link up again in the future as we await more solo material from them.