O.K. — “Konichiwa”

From earning a spot on our top Boston hip-hop projects of 2015 list with BIGELOW to being the first selected artist for our newly launched Meet My Friend series, O.K. (Original Kadeem) is a familiar face on the HITP pages and deservedly so. BIGELOW has passed the test of time with its replay value and continues to be a great listen, and O.K. is ready to keep the momentum going with his latest release “Konichiwa”.

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Featuring a mellow piece of production from P.U.D.G.E., “Konichiwa” takes a step back from conceptual complexities and allows O.K. to execute a free-flowing exercise of seemingly effortless spitting. Kadeem has complete control over his delivery on “Konichiwa” and the record is bolstered by distinct wordplay as well as a composed sense of confidence in regards to his own growth as an artist.

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Enjoy the strong freebie track from O.K. and listen to “Konichiwa” by pressing play below.