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3 min readMar 26, 2024


For the past 18 months, the team has been working to develop a foundational Bitcoin primitive built to stand the test of time. It’s been an intense journey of meticulous planning, relentless R&D, collaboration with respected ecosystem partners, and rigorous audits by the foremost security experts across a variety of disciplines. The result is eBTC, the most decentralized synthetic Bitcoin in DeFi offering the ability for anyone in the world to borrow BTC at no cost.

eBTC is a novel DeFi primitive, fulfilling Badgers vision to integrate Bitcoin into DeFi. We’re thrilled to invite you to experience it firsthand. eBTC enables users to leverage staked and non-staked collateral when borrowing. Use ETH or WETH and we’ll stake it for you. Pay nothing + get staking rewards. Already staking? Lever up using eBTC at no cost and a share a % of the staking rewards.

Dive into the Dapp now and start borrowing the most decentralized Bitcoin on Ethereum at no cost, using ETH, WETH, stETH, or wstETH. Your journey into the next chapter of Bitcoin DeFi starts here.

Borrow eBTC now!

Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin Incentive Program

It wouldn’t be a launch without some proper incentives. For the next month, eBTC and Lido are PAYING YOU TO BORROW BITCOIN.

15 stETH have been allocated as incentives for users who borrow eBTC with ETH or WETH. Users can see the extra reward APY in app, adding to your reward generating collateral.

All Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin incentives will be distributed via airdrop at the end of the incentive program. No need to worry about claiming or high gas fees.

Galxe Campaign

The incentives don’t stop there. To celebrate the launch of eBTC, we are running a month long campaign with our frens at Galxe. A $10,000 prize pool is up for grabs just for learning more about eBTC and helping to spread the word.

Will you embark on the quest anon?

Security Matters

eBTC does not take security lightly. Key stakeholders have been involved in the protocols development since inception, informing key architectural decisions while helping to avoid potential risks associated with both the code and economic modelling.

eBTC Dashboard

Badger tapped experts at Block Analitica to develop a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to monitor all key user and protocol metrics, from granular events to aggregate protocol data, in real time.

How to Get Started?

Watch this video to learn how opening a CDP and borrowing eBTC is just a few clicks away.


A eBTC/wBTC UniV3 pool has been deployed and seeded for those who wish to LP their newly minted assets.

Pool on Uni: https://app.uniswap.org/explore/pools/ethereum/0xef9b4fddd861aa2f00ee039c323b7fabd7afe239

Seeded pool: https://etherscan.io/address/0xef9b4fddd861aa2f00ee039c323b7fabd7afe239

eBTC token: https://etherscan.io/token/0x661c70333aa1850ccdbae82776bb436a0fcfeefb



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eBTC Protocol

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