Weekly Pill — Volume 006

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2 min readMar 5, 2024



  • ETH and BTC both up 14% on the week
  • BTC touched $69k and ETH touched $3.8k
  • ETHBTC down 3% to 0.0564
  • ETH gas savings with EIP-4844

ETH/BTC Market Snapshot

BTC hit a new ATH before consolidating. Both BTC and ETH are up 14% on the week, with BTC touching $69k and ETH reaching $3.8k. ETHBTC ratio ended up slightly down to 0.0565

Dose of ETH

Optimism released a gas savings estimator for the upcoming EIP-4844 upgrade. With gas prices surging, we are looking forward to the relief!

Polymarket is predicting that blobs will be 60x cheaper than today.

Dose of BTC

Bitcoin reaches new all time highs not seen since November 2021! Let’s take a moment to celebrate with this video from intern.

More institutional flows are on the way. BlackRock filed today for a Strategic Income Opportunities Portfolio that has Bitcoin in it.

Security Spotlight

eBTC’s BadgerDAO Boosted Bug Bounty with Immunefi has concluded and is in the evaluation phase. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Did You Know?

This week we covered eBTC’s strategic approach to minimizing governance to maximize security.

eBTC Roadmap

More exciting details will follow as we lead up to the eBTC launch, here is what we’ve accomplished and what’s up next.



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