Weekly Pill — Volume 007

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2 min readMar 12, 2024



  • ETH and BTC both up 7%+ on the week
  • BTC above $72k and ETH above $4k
  • ETHBTC up 5% to 0.0557
  • ETH ETF speculation and Saylor’s BTC strategy

ETH/BTC Market Snapshot

BTC is firmly in new all-time high territory. Both BTC and ETH are up 7%+ on the week, with BTC surpassing $72k and ETH surpassing $4k. After seeing larger gains earlier in the week, ETHBTC ended up slightly to 0.0557.

Dose of ETH

Jake Chervinsky, Chief Legal Officer at Variant Fund, gives his take on why he doesn’t think the ETH ETF will be approved by the SEC in May, even though it should.

That doesn’t mean one has to be bearish on ETH though. Evanss6 lays out why there are many reasons to be bullish ETH regardless of the ETF decision in May.

Dose of BTC

Bitcoin is having an incredible run as it enters price discovery. It is on track to have 7 positive months in a row, which hasn’t been done since 2012.

MicroStrategy continues to buy more Bitcoin. Jay breaks down Saylor’s clever method for accumulating more than 200,000 Bitcoin for MicroStrategy.

Security Spotlight

Check out our Security Matters segment with Trust.

Did You Know?

It’s been one year since USDC depegged. StableScarab breaks down why decentralized primitives like eBTC are resilient to issues in the traditional banking system.

eBTC Roadmap

It’s March and eBTC Mainnet Launch is almost here! More exciting details will follow as we lead up to it.



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