Weekly Pill — Volume 008

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2 min readMar 20, 2024



  • ETH down 15% to $3.3k
  • BTC down 7% to $65k
  • ETHBTC down 10% to 0.051
  • ETH Dencun Upgrade and BTC ETF Settlement

ETH/BTC Market Snapshot

After BTC reached new highs last week, it as well as ETH and ETHBTC went down this week. BTC is now at $65k with ETH falling further to $3.3k. ETHBTC fell 10% to 0.051. These dips are inevitable after the record run up we had.

Dose of ETH

Dencun successfully went live last week, bringing with it a 10x+ reduction in gas costs. Mughal took the time to breakdown the new costs on each L2. Sub-cent transactions have arrived!

Evanss6 makes the newsletter again this week for his take on what Dencun and the recent dip means for the markets.

Dose of BTC

Dips are inevitable after large run ups like we just had. Scott Melker breaks down the corrections in past bull runs.

A detailed explanation of Bitcoin settlement for the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF.

Security Spotlight

Check out our Security Matters segment with Antonio Viggiano.

Did You Know?

Protocol Yield Share is how eBTC generates revenue and serves as a lever for controlling protocol adoption. Learn more about how PYS plays a role in making eBTC powerful and sustainable:

eBTC Roadmap

It’s March and eBTC Mainnet Launch is imminent! More exciting details will follow.



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