Weekly Pill — Volume 009

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2 min readApr 4, 2024



  • ETH down 8.5% to $3.3k
  • BTC down 6.5% to $65.8k
  • ETHBTC down 3% to 0.0499
  • BlackRock fund on ETH and BTC Halving
  • eBTC launch details and incentives

ETH/BTC Market Snapshot

After spending time at $70k+, BTC fell to $65.8k today with ETH falling further to $3.3k. ETHBTC is just under the key support level of 0.05 after bouncing to 0.515 earlier in the week.

eBTC Launch 🚀

ICYMI, last week eBTC launched after almost 2 years of hard work from the BadgerDAO team.

Check out our launch thread which includes all you need to know to get started: https://x.com/eBTCprotocol/status/1772611442065477700

After one week, over $1 million worth of eBTC has been borrowed. That’s 16 new Bitcoin minted for DeFi on Ethereum.

Dose of ETH

BlackRock introduced its BUIDL asset tokenization fund on Ethereum.

This is a positive development for tokenization and Real World Asset (RWA) projects.

Ethereum’s roadmap is long and intricate. Herc took the time to distill it all into a comprehensive report for those intrigued by Ethereum’s future.

Dose of BTC

The halving is just over two weeks away. CoinGecko analyzes how Bitcoin’s price has reacted after each halving event. Historically, the response has been bullish.

The US government may be preparing for the halving as well. They just initiated a test transaction to Coinbase from their confiscated Silk Road wallet containing 30k Bitcoin worth ~$2B.

Security Spotlight

Security doesn’t stop at launch. Badger is running a post-launch bug bounty with Immunefi for up to $100k.

Did You Know?

The eBTC launch is accompanied by juicy incentives courtesy of our friends Lido. 15 stETH in rewards are available this month for those who deposit ETH or WETH to borrow eBTC.

Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin: https://ebtc.finance

Read the Docs: https://docs.ebtc.finance

Follow on X: https://twitter.com/ebtcprotocol



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