Weekly Pill — Volume 010

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2 min readApr 9, 2024



  • ETH ↑8.3% to $3.5k and BTC ↑5.6% to $68.7k
  • ETHBTC up 1.3% to 0.051
  • How to pitch ETH to institutions and BTC Halving
  • eBTC launch details and incentives

ETH/BTC Market Snapshot

Both ETH and BTC are up 5%+ on the week. After tapping $72k+, BTC consolidated to $68.7k today. ETH reached $3.7k, now at $3.5k. ETHBTC bottomed at 0.048 this week then bounced to 0.052, now at 0.051.

eBTC Launch 🚀

ICYMI, eBTC is entering its 3rd week in market and has successfully minted 21 new bitcoin!

Check out our launch thread which includes all you need to know to get started: https://x.com/eBTCprotocol/status/1772611442065477700

Dose of ETH

A thoughtful post on the fairness of blockchain fees from Omid Malekan and how the difference between Ethereum and Solana can be compared to capitalism vs socialism.

How to pitch Ethereum to institutional investors? Watch this video.

Dose of BTC

The halving is 11 days away, scheduled to take place on 4/20. Dylan LeClair breaks down the onchain metrics surrounding the halving supply change.

Metaplanet, a Japanese Web3 infrastructure provider, is following Saylor’s lead by adding Bitcoin to their balance sheet. The markets have reacted positively to the news.

Security Spotlight

Security doesn’t stop at launch. Badger is running a post-launch bug bounty with Immunefi for up to $100k.

Did You Know?

The eBTC launch is accompanied by juicy incentives courtesy of our friends Lido. 15 stETH in rewards are available this month for those who deposit ETH or WETH to borrow eBTC.

Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin: https://ebtc.finance

Read the Docs: https://docs.ebtc.finance

Follow on X: https://twitter.com/ebtcprotocol



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