Weekly Pill — Volume 014

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2 min readMay 7, 2024


  • ETH ↑2% to $3.1k and BTC ↑4% to $63.9k
  • ETHBTC ↓4% at 0.048
  • Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin Round 2
  • ETH growth and BTC ETF Inflows

ETH/BTC Market Snapshot

ETH and BTC recovered some of the losses from the previous week. ETH was up 2% to $3.1k and BTC was up 4% to $63.9k. ETHBTC was down slightly on the week, ↓4.3% to 0.048

Get Paid to Borrow Bitcoin

In case you missed it, this month we are offering an extra 11 stETH as incentives for opening eBTC CDPs with ETH or WETH.

Find out more below👇

Dose of ETH

ETH is experiencing strong growth with May 4th witnessing the most new non-zero ETH addresses created since October 2022.

With the ongoing dominance of the points meta, Ken Deeter from ElectricCapital shares his insights on the nuances of points systems.

Dose of BTC

After a few weeks of decreased BTC ETF inflows, yesterday and Friday showed a resurgence, with even GBTC seeing inflows.

Although GBTC is one of the highest fee ETFs, they are launching a low-fee alternative that could explain the renewed interest.

After making new ATHs, $BTC has been consolidating. @ByzGeneral thinks this chop could continue throughout the summer months leading to a healthier rally later in the year.

Seems like a good opportunity to stack sats.

Security Spotlight

Security doesn’t stop at launch. Badger is running a post-launch bug bounty with Immunefi for up to $100k.



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