Weekly Pill — Volume 020

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2 min readJun 18, 2024


  • ETH ↓3.3% to $3.4k, BTC ↓3.5% to $64.5k
  • ETHBTC ↑0.1% at 0.053
  • eBTC/wstETH Curve Pool
  • ETH and BTC levels to watch

ETH/BTC Market Snapshot

The market continues to consolidate following last week. ETH is down 3.3% to $3.4k and BTC is down 3.5% to $64.5k. ETHBTC is flat up 0.1% to 0.053

Top Rewards in Curve Pool

Our eBTC/wstETH Curve Pool is the third highest incentivized pool on Curve. Don’t miss out!

Dose of ETH

Despite the price dip, QuintenFrancois notes that $ETH supply on exchanges is at its lowest since 2016. With the ETF incoming, this sets the stage for a supply shock assuming inflows outweigh ETHE outflows.

Scient maps out a bullish PO3 setup on $ETH based on current structure and the upcoming ETF.

Dose of BTC

Alts have crashed hard over the past day, but the king $BTC is holding up quite nicely, all things considered. This could be you holding eBTC and earning rewards.

Castillo Trading highlights that after a significant upside move in $BTC, traders are now facing challenges with the current market chop. Those rotating into altcoins are struggling even more. It’s best to wait and see how this range develops.

Security Spotlight

Security doesn’t stop at launch. Badger is running a post-launch bug bounty with Immunefi for up to $100k.



BadgerDAO 🦡
eBTC Protocol

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