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How to participate in the eByte PRE SALE.

To participate in the official eByte pre sale you only need a few things. The following blog provides you all the information needed for a successful participation.

At first you need a MyEtherWallet, a Wallet where your eBytes will be send to after the end of the public pre sale stage and where you send the Ethereum from to participate in the pre sale. We created a detailed explanation for you to understand this process easily.

English: https://www.ebyte.sale/files/myetherwallet-english.pdf

German: https://www.ebyte.sale/files/myetherwallet-german.pdf

The next step is to buy your first Ethereum. In the sale you will receive eByte tokens for contributing Ethereum to our sale address. You can buy Ethereum on several websites. For this we provide an explanation as well.

English: https://www.ebyte.sale/files/buy-ethereum-english.pdf

German: https://www.ebyte.sale/files/buy-ethereum-german.pdf

After this step you should have received the bought Ethereum on your MyEtherWallet. You are ready for the next step, the participation in the sale.

To contribute to our project and secure yourself the 30% bonus of the pre sale you need to send the bought Ethereum to our eByte sale address.

Check out the following explanation for that step:

English: https://ebyte.sale/files/buy-eByte-english.pdf

German: https://www.ebyte.sale/files/buy-eByte-german.pdf

If you have any further questions tell them to us in our official Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/mq8sY2U or in our public Telegram group https://t.me/eByteCryptocurrency.

Thank you for your support!
Your eByte Team!




eByte creates an internationally decentralized eSports eco system.

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eByte Blockchain

eByte Blockchain

The eByte project uses its own Blockchain technology, to establish the first international payment and contract system for the eSports community.

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