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‘Adding value’, the raison d’être of the European Union

Example of an ECA press release on one of its opinions (Opinion 6/2020 published in September 2020), referring to the added value of an EU programme recently set up

‘Adding value’

EAV and the ECA

Key image from the ECA’s 2018 Annual Report (Audit in brief), showing the estimated levels of error for EU spending areas (2016–2018)

Enhancing the EAV of the ECA’s Statement of Assurance



The ECA Journal features articles on a variety of current audit topics, the ECA’s role and work. It is available in electronic form below, and paper copies can be ordered online at the EU Bookshop.

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European Court of Auditors

Articles from the European Court of Auditors, #EU's external auditor & independent guardian of the EU's finances.