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An innovative approach to public policy‑making: resilience as a central pillar of the RRF

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A historical challenge triggering new solutions

Innovative management geared towards effectiveness

Paving the way towards open government in EU reconstruction efforts

Recent publication (in Spanish) by Concepcion Campos Acuña on the management of NextGenerationEU funds (Marcial Pons, La Ley, 2021, ISBN: 9788418662188).
  • sections dedicated to the achievement of milestones and objectives and to RRF disbursements;
  • specific data compiled by the Commission, such as spending by policy area and a breakdown of green, digital and social spending under the Facility;
  • qualitative information compiled through thematic analysis of the implementation of plans in specific policy areas.
Source: European Commission

Auditing resilience — moving towards the Van Halen clause?

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Bending towards a sustainable future instead of breaking away from it

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