7 Things to Note before you Invest in Virtual Experiences

Varun Shah
Eccentric Engine
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2 min readApr 19, 2020


During this lockdown, Automotive Brands are in a tight spot and will be for a long time, every Investment you make will go through more filters than ever before. Your CFO is waiting to question every activity you decide to pursue. You are under severe pressure to approve the cheapest proposal on the table. It is however possible, the cheapest solution today may be the most unscalable and expensive one in the Long Term. Here are the Questions to ask?

  • How expensive will the Solution be to scale up to Dealerships and other Touch points when the Showrooms reopen?
  • What’s the hit you take on every Facelift/Variant you launch?
  • Can your Image Rendering Vendor do Virtual Experiences and can your Virtual Experiences partner do Image Renders?

If Yes, are you getting at least a 40% saving on your Image Rendering for Brochures, Print ads etc, over what you are paying today?

  • By investing in your Virtual Experience today, how much will you be investing in AR, Mixed Reality and other Emerging Technologies?

Now, in 3 Simple Steps check how Ready the Solution is for the Online World:

  • Is your Experience based on Imaging or Real time 3D?

It better be Real-Time 3D based! Link to understand more:

  • The same goes for the interiors as for the exteriors.

It better be Real-Time 3D based!

(If it is Real-Time 3D based, you will be able to open the Glovebox, see Tilt Steering, Seat Recline etc on the Car itself, if image based it will allow you to only rotate in 360° but not to interact with the Components)

Real-Time 3D Interior:

Image based Real-Time 3D Interior:

  • If the answer to both the above questions is Positive, what is the Total Size of the 3D?

Below 15 MB: Excellent

15–30 MB: Fair

Anything above 30 MB: Not Suitable for a good Customer Experience!

(You can easily check the same in the ‘Network’ tab of the Developer Tools on Chrome while the site is being loaded)

Hope this aids your Understanding and helps you in your Approach!



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