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A thought for this Diwali- Interactions that Matter

If there is one word that describes Diwali 2021, it is ‘Relief’. Relief that we can finally meet our loved ones. Greet them and hug them. While Covid-19 is not over by any means, it has given us the assurance that the way we fundamentally interact with people is not going to change.

Does this hold true for how your customers interact with your Products and your Brand as a whole? Absolutely not! The Pandemic has some valuable lessons for us when it comes to these interactions. An unprecedented 7.6 mn people in India interacted with vehicles in 3D in 2020 (One 3D Survey), at a time when most Showrooms were largely shut. It is no surprise that every single OEM now has its 3D strategy in place or working towards one. This was something not in the consideration set before the Pandemic hit us.

Not just how your Customers explore products in 3D, there are going to be some far reaching changes in how you do Business with a whole new paradigm of interactions that you can now unlock. Some of these changes are-

Here, I cite a blogpost by Matthew Ball who talks about Metaverse. I attempt to explain a few Rules for you to adopt the new paradigm of Interactions:

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock/is.a.bella

Eccentric Engine is committed to help its partners adopt these new set of Interactions. We continue to work with our partners to transform customer experiences across touchpoints- Websites, Contact Centres, Retail Outlets and more. One interaction at a time!



Minds that connect Machines with Hearts. We are creators of One 3D, which enables generation of Promotional Content at Scale, for the Omni-Channel world. We help Product Makers Show what they Make”

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Varun Shah

Co-founder & Growth at Eccentric Engine. Transforming Retail- One Interaction at a time.