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Varun Shah
Eccentric Engine
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2 min readJan 16, 2022


‘Why did you begin Eccentric Engine?’- A question I get asked almost every week by people- Customers/Employees/Interviewees. The answer to this question has changed every passing year. The true answer to this question is that we both piggybacked on each other, assuming the other had a certain plan. In reality, none of us had one. But hey, that is Story for another day! All I knew back then was that Tech is the Gold of our generation and wanted our mine here.

I remember looking at some great events- Google I/O, Facebook F8, WWDC, Dreamforce among others. The sheer imagination, belief in the vision and the energy of the great leaders rubbing off their Teams makes these events a spectacle. Not a lot of these ideas see the light of the day, yet there is something magical about Ideas. I always hoped that someday, we have an event of our own.

Fast forward to January 2022. Our 10th year! 2 Pivots, 1 Pandemic and 999 Heartbreaks later, we are ready to invite you to Interverse 2022- Eccentric Engine’s inaugural Annual event.

Why should you Attend?

I am NOT inviting you to attend this to celebrate our success (which by the way is very very modest).

If you are as confused as I am about concepts such as Metaverse, Web 3.0, Virtualisation, 3D worlds and many of these terms, this is the place for you. To witness not only our imagination and ideas but also Action. This event is not only about possibilities, but also what is being done about these Possibilities.

If you are

A Company Leader/C-Suite, this will spark interesting possibilities about creating an Organisation-wide change

A Sales/Marketing Professional, this will show how you can balance Innovation with Sales numbers

A Media professional, this will be a refreshing break from Roundtables, Panel discussions and endless events all saying the same thing

An Engineer, we would love to build with you, should you like what we are onto

A Startup, we would love how we can leverage your capability to build together

See you at Interverse 2022.

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Eccentric Engine

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