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More than just a ‘Client’

As a matter of Practice, we Never publicly talk about individual Personnel associated with our Customers.

However, here I am making an exception. The 3D Commerce Platform deployed by Eccentric Engine for Tata Motors EV is and will always remain very special. The Guiding Force behind the Project, Ashesh Dhar is unfortunately not among us today. This post is a tribute to Ashesh. Like us, all the others who would have been fortunate enough to experience working with him, would surely relate to this. (Nexon EV 3D Commerce was conceived by Ashesh, who led Marketing & Sales for EV under Leadership of Mr. Shailesh Chandra)

Back in 2019, we pitched the Platform to Ashesh. Usually approvals from Customers come after sessions of Gruelling Presentations, Hundred Filters and Questions. (And then you hoped and prayed that it goes through). But Ashesh was a Man of Conviction and he empowered his Partners to deliver. After a few moments of Silence and Deep Thought he said “I want to do this. I am sure you guys will deliver” And there we had it.

A few months into 2020, all of us faced turbulence, as we know. With the Pandemic on the Horizon, Trade Restrictions and fluctuating Demand, every single expenditure in any company came under massive scrutiny. Ashesh assured us “Keep doing the good Work. Leave the rest to me.”

Our last interaction was in that fateful week on a Remote Meeting “I like how this has shaped up. We are good to go.”

Qualities of Ashesh that separated him from everyone else I have known:

  • Ashesh ALWAYS used to Call Back. Not once, have I had a call or message unanswered in a few years of interaction
  • Ashesh had a sense of Mutual Respect for Partners. Conversations and Meetings were never spent on how to humor him or see how we can get his Approval. But Straight Talk. And every opinion in the Room, including that of Interns, was Heard and Respected
  • A Meeting with Ashesh never lasted beyond 15 Minutes. Yet the Conversations were sufficiently detailed, precise and clear.

We are privileged to release something, which has an imprint of Ashesh.

A very Respecting Client & an even Better Human Being.

He will always remain special.



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