What 2020 was really like for us.

Varun Shah
Eccentric Engine
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4 min readDec 29, 2020


WFH, isolation, virtual meetings, online shopping, “How to stay fit in quarantine” google searches, binge watching and eating. Well that pretty much sums up 2020.

But wait, there’s more.

Saying that 2020 was a roller coaster would be an understatement. It is a year that is equivalent to multiple, In its ups and downs but also in what we as a company have accomplished.

While it has been a harsh year for many businesses, it has opened up doors for new ones. Ones that have helped us in this pandemic. Whether we realize it or not we have worked on some much needed infrastructure that has made us more prepared and resilient in facing such situations again.

Adapt. Adapt. Adapt!

Being in uncharted territories, the same rules didn’t apply anymore. We realized this Very early into the lockdown and WFH. Any cracks in our approach of working started to widen.

But to solve a problem you have to identify it.

None of us claim to be perfect, we will always have a long way to go, that’s exactly what keeps us going. But in this pandemic, we had to go back to our basics and learn to reapply them in this new environment.

Here is what needed much work and how we fixed it.


As simple as it sounds, it was one of our biggest challenges this year. When you’re in the office, next to your colleagues, you can get updates without even knowing it.

You can pop by for a chat and get updated at the same time, not to mention the ability to just hover over and get to know what stage your colleagues have reached. But WFH is like working in the dark. If you want to have a chat, hover over, get an update, whatever it might be, you have to pick up the phone, make a call or have a meeting. Usually all of this happened very naturally. Getting an update was not about the update at all it was just a fun chat! As unnatural as sending that message for an update was, we had to get used to it, till it became natural.

As much as we didn’t like meetings, phone calls and messages…. It was the only way to stay connected. And once we embraced that… we fixed our problem. After all, the only way to fix a communication problem is to communicate!


Just as simple and essential as communication and interdependent. Missed updates and submissions, lack of communication. Evidently at the beginning, as we were adapting to the new life, taking one step at a time, as a team it was easier to focus on our individual goals. Until we had to pass on to the other team and realized that in thinking of ourselves, we missed their goals.

Coming back to the basics of the basics, we learnt that individuals team goals were not as important as the overall goal that we were all working towards. When we thought of the end goals we thought of all the teams involved. This way we also evited working on modifications after it was passed ahead to the next team.

Revaluation our lives and reconnecting socially.

At some point in 2020, all of us have had to reassess and reevaluate our lives. Personally, for me, it was about doing something productive or indulging into some hobbies. When I started to count my healthy habits in quarantine and stopped at zero; that was it, something had to change!

I went back to painting, cycling, visiting the beach often, putting some effort into eating healthy. And not to my surprise, I felt much better mentally and physically.

When it came to finding ways to stay socially connected to colleagues, we came up with weekly coffee breaks that were filled with contests, challenges, competitions, games and chats. That one hour where we strike a conversation and try to recreate our office environment was something I personally looked forward to every week.

While we faced our fair share of issues adapting to 2020, In terms of what all of us combined have achieved, Eccentric Engine has had a Memorable year!

If you explore a Vehicle in 3D, online or at a Dealership, there is a good chance that it has been developed using our One 3D Platform. We take pride in working with the Top 4 Automotive Companies in India. And with 5 of the Top 8 Companies in the Passenger Vehicle Segment. With One 3D, we have made a significant impression with International Markets. We look forward to taking on the World in 2021.

Our OEM Partners and their Dealers have benefitted from One 3D Visualization. The exploration has had a direct positive impact on Decision Making of their Customers, encouraging them to scale up our Partnerships. We are proud to be at the helm of Digital Transformation of an Industry that is at the helm of Country’s Consumerism, Employment Generation and Growth.

For Eccentric Engine 2020 was all about growth, but more importantly growing better!



Varun Shah
Eccentric Engine

Co-founder & Growth at Eccentric Engine. Transforming Retail- One Interaction at a time.