Day 2 — Could be worse

Our two robots in action

Well, what should we say. We managed to do something that no one did ever before, at least from what we know. We won seeding, but team items also won. How? We both had an average score of 248. That’s a bit unusual.

So the day began quite bad. We started testing and somehow nothing worked. We had to abort every run. But this problem was quickly resolved. We forgot to plug in one sensor. That happens when you’re dumb, tired and didn’t drink enough coffee.

After lunch seeding began. First run was okayish. We scored 194 points. That was the best run at this time. Second run was even better. 302 points! But then it was items turn. The scored 7(!) points more than we did. This was quite disappointing. The third run was an absolute disaster. Our main bot didn’t turn as it should and missed the PVC pipe which should trigger our lever sensor. SHOULD. And thats not everything. The secondary bot also disagreed with our plans and thought: lol nope. Result: 25 points.

We were sure that we won’t win seeding. But then. BUT THEN. For some reason items main bot messed up too. And the result was that we both won seeding.

Tomorrow we’re going to rock double elimination, hopefully. Stay tuned.

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