Day 3 — Close calls all over the place

We were kinda nervous when we knew our time slot for our onsite presentation was about to start. However our worrying was completely unwarranted, because we were praised by the judge not only during but also after the talk.

Unluckily we were not able to carry over our good seeding performance to double elimination which resulted in two very close runs.

The first one was an utter and complete failure. Luckily the other team failed too which led to 10 points on both sides. Not only one, but 14 tiebreakers had to be applied to determine a winner. And so we won. With 10 points. Which is nice, we guess.

The second run was just a bit better. The other team drove to our side to mess things up. And they did a darn good job, but they were too late because we had already scored some points. And again it was close, really close. We won the second match with just 1 point advance.

After these two runs it was clear that we made it into the finals. We are very excited about that and hope to make the best out of it.

We ended the day with some rounds of Werewolf with PRIA staff members and other teams.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a chilly day. The only big thing is Philip’s talk about fl0̸w.

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