Day 5 — Finals

All teams from HTL Wiener Neustadt

The day began like any other day. Getting up, drinking coffee, walking to the subway. But still there was something different. We were a lot more nervous. It’s finals day!

Before lunch there was not much time to practice so we had to use every chance we got. And we did.

First match went pretty well. We won with 60 point advance. But this meant that the next match was against team items. This was a very very exciting and emotional match. We won.

But it didn’t take long and it was clear that we again had to compete with items because they won the losers bracket of double elimination. This time we lost. So we had to run a third match to determine a winner.

This third match was the most nerve-racking of all. We and items both had to guess which strategy the other team was going to use. Sadly we were wrong. We lost 70–105. But still we were very happy we made it this far in our very first Botball season.

Group hug after the very last match

We are very satisfied with our performance. The best thing about ECER was that our teacher said that because it was that close both teams will go to the Global Conference on Educational Robotics — GCER16.

And these are our awards:

  • 2nd place seeding
  • 2nd place double elimination
  • 2nd place overall
  • overall judge’s choice
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