💰 GA-6 Spending Tops $40 Million 💰

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2 min readJun 8, 2017

Updated on June 19th

As the special election runoff in Georgia’s 6th District finally nears its end, we bring you an updated look at the state of the airwaves. This continuation of our partnership with Medium Buying includes their extensive TV advertising data as well as cable and broadcasting data from Echelon’s Insights on Air. Using this data, we provide an exhaustive look at the record-breaking $40.6 million spent in this race, and the 26 advertisers who spent it.

In this second round, Jon Ossoff and supporting Democrats have outspent Karen Handel and her Republican allies by 52.6 to 47.6 percent, a reversal of the 61 to 39 percent GOP lead in the first round (with multiple major candidates running). Because the lion’s share of Democratic spending came from the Ossoff campaign, which is entitled to the lowest unit rate, this was good for an estimated 62 percent to 38 percent share of voice advantage for the runoff. Ossoff also dominated the airwaves early in the runoff, but Handel and her allies have only recently taken a slight advantage in the closing days.

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