Get Predictive

Today, we’re excited to make one of our biggest announcements yet: the relaunch of Insights On Air, our competitive TV tracking platform, just in time for 2016.

Since last year, we’ve tracked more than $1.4 billion in broadcast TV spending and over 2.7 million spots from more than 2,000 sponsors. We’ve been able to see who’s getting the best rates on TV — and who’s not. And because our tracking doesn’t stop at the top of the ticket, we give clients the complete picture of what’s going on in a media market, including the other races on the ballot that are saturating the airwaves and driving up costs.

Now, Insights On Air includes Predictive Spot-Level Intelligence.This new data product tracks which programs and placements your competitors are buying before the spots even air, letting you shape your response accordingly.

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Insights On Air is perfect for:

  • Political campaigns, organizations, and consultants looking to get complete situational awareness of what’s happening on the airwaves in their race and TV markets.
  • Media buyers and planners looking to reverse engineer their allies’ and competitors’ buy strategies and dramatically streamline the cumbersome process of mining data from the FCC public file.
  • Media companies and publishers looking to understand who’s in the market right now for paid media, from the statehouse to the White House.
  • Media outlets who want to go deeper in their reporting of how billions of dollars of TV inventory are bought and sold, including predictive insights on placements and buy efficiency.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s new:

Understand an ally or competitor’s buy strategy before the fact. Starting with the early primary and caucus states, we’ve broken down tens of millions of dollars in reserved Presidential buys spot by spot so far. We deliver it to you as raw data or in rich immersive dashboards that shorten the time from analysis to action. Predictive Spot-Level Intelligence not only lets you understand what your competitors are buying, but who they may be trying to reach.

Flexible and customizable dashboards give you a birds eye view of all activity in a market, state, or contest.

See who’s getting which rates with our TV Station Breakdown. Here, we chart pricing trends over time, broken down by TV station, helping you spot anomalies or new buying opportunities.

At Echelon Insights, we’re building analytics technology infrastructure to empower our clients to become smarter and more efficient. Let us help you understand what’s coming and optimize your next move — not just within a given medium, but across mediums. From measuring traditional media to a fresh approach to measuring audiences on social media, our integrated analytics and reporting platforms bring instant value to your organization on day one.

Want to see more? Drop us a line and let us show you how the new Insights on Air can make you smarter this primary season and beyond.