Echo Arena v8.0 — Change Log

Celebrate Oculus Rift’s anniversary with Echo Arena unlocks!

Patch Highlights

Oculus Rift 2nd Anniversary Unlocks

To celebrate Oculus Rift’s second birthday on March 28th, players who log in and join a match starting 11:00 AM PST on March 28th will be able to unlock a special Oculus-themed decal and emote. The anniversary event ends 11:00 AM PST on April 2nd, so make sure to jump in before it’s over!

Oculus Rift 2nd Anniversary Decal
Oculus Rift 2nd Anniversary Emote

Punches Are Now More… Punchy

We fixed a few bugs that caused punches to miss due to multi-threading, and did some additional work so that punches would register more consistently (for example, punches that go inside the helmet should now work). The likelihood of a successful whomping is now much higher!

PC Performance Stats Overlay Added

Using F9, you can now pull up your PC’s performance stats readout on your monitor (it won’t appear in the headset). You can use this tool to help monitor and troubleshoot hardware and network performance.

Updated Main Menu Message Boards

There’s a new message board in town! In addition to the server status message (which has now been upgraded to automatically update the live server status), there’s a “News” board that’ll be used to provide helpful information!

Updated Lobby Billboard

You might recognize some familiar faces on our updated Lobby billboard as we celebrate the winners and top teams of the VR Challenger League’s inaugural season!

Didn’t manage to catch the Grand Finals live? No worries, you can get caught up on all the action here! (Thanks, AGr, for putting all of these videos together.)

Bug Fixes/General Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing the inability to log in to Echo Arena that appeared the morning of March 27th.
  • Players will no longer be considered “spectators” when not in a spectator role; this will stop them from being able to teleport around the arena.
  • The arena scoreboard should now be in the same order for all players.
  • Fixed an issue where pausing could sometimes distort audio or cause it to cut out.
  • Removed all the VR Challenger League logos from Echo Arena.