Echo Combat Balance Changes | May 22nd, 2019

Hi all,

With this patch, we want to be as transparent as possible and communicate what our intent moving forward will be. Here are a few key points we are tentatively looking to tackle in the coming months. Like mentioned before, any major changes will be communicated beforehand, and PTS’s will be created as necessary.

· Time to kill — TTK

· Improve functionality and usability of gear

Time to kill

Our goal is to try and create a healthy environment for all players of every skill level. There is currently too much volatility in the game at both ends of the spectrum. The amount of burst healing invalidates all the work that players do to deal damage. On the other end of the spectrum burst damage leaves players in a “what just happened” daze, without any sort of recourse. We understand that both of these issues create frustrating moments for players and are actively working on resolving this.


We want all of our gear to be approachable and usable at all skill levels. Right now, we have a few outliers that are preventing that. As an example, Pulsar is very popular at lower and mid-levels, but is rarely seen at high skill levels. The opposite can be said of Nova, so we are looking to address that. Weapons are not the only thing we are looking to touch, Barrier has a few functionality issues like going into terrain.

Balance Changes — Wednesday 5/22/2019

Repair Matrix

Repair Matrix has been too strong and dominating the meta for some time now. We are continuing to look at RM internally, but we want to address the live environment sooner rather than later. Heal duration has been increased while the heal amount remains mostly unchanged. The change aims to make RM weaker when engaging and being engaged on. (Shoot the healer!)

· Cooldown increased from 30 seconds ⇒ 35 seconds

· Heal amount increased from 107 ⇒ 114

· Heal duration increased from 8 seconds ⇒ 12 seconds

· Radius reduced from 9 meters ⇒ 8 meters

· Healing per second reduced from 13.375 hp/s ⇒ 9.5 hp/s

Instant Repair

Instant Repair is slightly too strong. We are looking to tone down the amount of healing it is currently doing so it provides players with breath to escape out of a sticky situation and not a clear get out of jail free card. Lowering the heal amount while slightly lowering the cooldown to compensate.

· Heal amount lowered 65 ⇒ 50

· Cooldown decreased 35 seconds ⇒ 30 seconds